Getting the Groundnut Grade Right

Participants discuss how to get the best from groundnutsThe export of legumes in 2012 fetched a record K15.3 billion. Groundnuts raked in K7.79 billion. But the sector is facing a lot of challenges leading to low crop productivity with compromised quality.

Contract Farming: SPICE Development in Malawi

Contract Farming in Malawi has mainly been confined to the production of Malawi’s tradition exports of sugar, tea and tobacco industries.

Recently, there has been a growth in contract growing of tobacco especially flue cured tobacco after Malawi had experienced a steady decline in the production of this type of tobacco. The other main crops that smallholder farmers are growing on contract are cotton and Paprika. In the recent past some agro-processors have tried to grow different crops like soya-beans, cassava and birds eye chillies using contract farming but on a small scale.